Infrastructure Projects

Learn about Infrastructure Projects for Saint Paul Investor Relations, including Hillcrest Golf Course, Major League Soccer Stadium, and Ford Site Redevelopment.

Hillcrest Golf Course

The 110 acre property – just 25 acres smaller than the Ford site – has been put on the market. A potential development plan may include multi-unit housing, restaurants, retail, trails and a community center.


Allianz Field

Major League Soccer Stadium

Minnesota United FC, a North American Soccer League team, is constructing a 20,000 seat major league soccer (MLS) stadium at I-94 and Snelling Avenue, as part of a  planned and coordinated redevelopment of the entire 34.5 acre site that also includes the Midway Shopping Center (property owned by private landowner RK Midway).  The goal is to create a new urban village surrounding the stadium that includes retail, office, residential and public open space uses.

The City committed $18.4 million to new roads, sewers, green space and other infrastructure near the stadium, and the stadium will be privately financed.


Live Stream Stadium Construction: https://www.mnufc.com/stadium/stream


Ford Site Redevelopment

The City has approved a master plan that calls for rezoning most of the acreage for medium- to high-density residential development, as well as a limited number of commercial buildings.

The 122-acre parcel has been cleared of structures and is slated for redevelopment into housing, commerce and open space by the Minneapolis-based Ryan Company.



Ramsey County Riverfront Redevelopment

Riverfront Properties is a nearly five-acre site located along the bluff overlooking the Mississippi River in downtown Saint Paul. In June 2015, Ramsey County began deconstruction of the former Adult Detention Center and West buildings located on the iconic site to prepare it for sale and private development.

Request for Development Interest was issued on Nov. 9, 2017. On Nov. 20, 2018, the County Board directed staff to begin negotiations on an exclusive six-month agreement with AECOM to perform due diligence on a proposal to develop the Riverfront Properties site.

"The new plans from developer AECOM include four proposed buildings, as well as a cover over Shepard Road and the railroad line along the river, to directly connect downtown to the river upstream from the Wabasha Street bridge.

The first construction phase includes two residential towers, including a class A apartment tower with 250 to 250 apartments, a 150- to 250-room boutique hotel and condominium tower with 80 to 150 units to be finished in 2021. A handout put the possible cost between $200 and $280 million.

The second and third phases call for two office and commercial towers, the first about 250,000 to 400,000 square feet to be completed about 2023. That would have a potential value between $150 and $220 million. The other would be 600,000- to 1-million-square-foot tower, to be determined as the project develops and worth between $270 and $400 million. That has a projected completion in 2026."



Joint Property Tax Advisory Committee (JPTAC)

The Joint Property Tax Advisory Committee (JPTAC) was established by state law. The Committee consists of elected or appointed officials from the City of Saint Paul, Ramsey County, and School Independent School District 625. The Committee is not open for public appointments.  The Committee will meet from time to time to make appropriate recommendations for the efficient and effective use of property tax dollars raised by each jurisdiction for programs, buildings, and operations.  The main purpose of JPTAC is to coordinate setting policies on budgets and taxation that jointly affect the citizens and taxpayers in the City of Saint Paul who are served and taxed by the three units of government.

Duties of the Committee include:

  1. Identify trends and factors likely to be driving budget outcomes over the next five years with recommendations for how the jurisdictions should manage those trends and factors to increase efficiency and effectiveness
  2. Agree on the appropriate level of overall property tax levy for the three jurisdictions and publicly report to the governing bodies of each jurisdiction for ratification or modification by resolution
  3. Identify areas of the budget to be targeted in the coming year for joint review to improve services and achieve efficiencies

Through JPTAC, an ad hoc sub-committee was formed called the Joint Debt Advisory Committee (JDAC).  The JDAC works on cross-jurisdiction communication, planning, and coordination regarding debt issuances.  JDAC's goal is to coordinate and monitor the impact of general obligation, property tax supported bonds in the City of Saint Paul. 

2017 JDAC

2015 JDAC

2013 JDAC

Climate Action Plan

Saint Paul launches Climate Action Plan effort to become carbon neutral

Building on decades of Saint Paul's framework for community resilience, the City of Saint Paul has developed a Climate Action & Resilience Draft Plan. The draft plan focuses on achieving carbon neutrality in city operations by 2030, and citywide by 2050 with a suite of targets and actions to decrease emissions across every sector in the city. It also identifies ways to cultivate long-term resilience, enhance the natural infrastructure of the city, and promotes a vision for Saint Paul’s future with diminished threats of climate change. 

Climate Action & Resilience Draft Plan

Green Bond Program

The City began its Green Bond financing program in 2015 to fund its annual capital improvement and maintenance projects for the Sanitary and Storm Sewer Utility. The capital projects funded by these Green bonds reduce the amount of untreated sewage and storm water that enter the environment and reduce the amount of clean water entering the treatment system.

The first Green Bond report was published in May of 2016 . The City plans to update this report annually, or until the proceeds of a series have been spent.

2019 Green Bond Report

2018 Green Bond Report

2017 Green Bond Report

2016 Green Bond Report

Sears Redevelopment Site

17 Acres of Land, with existing, 187,000 s.f. store adjacent to transit, downtown and the State Capitol. Store closed December 2018, listed for sale and redevelopment.


Riverview Corridor

The Ramsey County Commissioner and Riverview Corridor Policy Advisory Committee recommended a route and a mode of transit for what’s known as the Locally Preferred Alternative. A public hearing will be held on this choice Nov. 9 and a final vote will be held Dec. 14.


Treasurer Island Center

Called the Treasure Island Center, the building will house the Minnesota Wild's new practice rink, restaurants, a brewery and shops.


The 428

Vacant for 23 years, the former Woolworth building at 428 Minnesota St. in downtown St. Paul is being converted into The 428, a five-level office structure with a rooftop open-air patio. A lunch counter will be preserved and used as the centerpiece of a future coffee shop, which will be open to the public.