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Carbon Neutral by 2050

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter wants the city to by "carbon neutral" within his lifetime. That means slashing carbon emissions in half by 2030, and offsetting them entirely by 2050.

City of Saint Paul 2019 Budget Address

Our 2019 Budget Proposal

Saint Paul is at a critical moment. We have incredible potential as we continue to grow into a 21st-century global community. To ensure that our city truly works for all of us, we need a city budget that reflects and invests in our values. Investing in our values means building a city that not only meets our needs today, but helps us build a city that our children, and grandchildren, will want to live in. To realize this vision, we need to invest in a future for all of us. That is why our city budget invests in the people and things that matter most to us. We have built a big vision for our city together, and our vision requires our shared investment. I am thrilled to share our 2019 budget proposal.

- Melvin Carter, Mayor

Pension Reform

Adoption of the Pension Reform Bill.

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City of Saint Paul Press Releases

Does Investor Outreach Pay Even for ‘AAA’ Issuers Who Sell Competitively?

"Issuers of all types of securities – stocks and bonds – in all different capital markets around the world continually debate the value of investor relations. The debate comes down to this: is an investor outreach program a necessary cost, or is it an investment from which an issuer can expect a return on it’s investment over the long-term?"

Investors can track city bond offers at StPaulBonds.com

StPaulbonds.com received media attention from the local paper and from The Bond Buyer.

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman “had challenged us to be more transparent in our investor relations and our bond sales,” said Todd Hurley, director of the city’s Office of Financial Services. “I’m happy to say I think we succeeded in that with the development of StPaulBonds.com. This is essentially a one-stop shop for investors in our city to get all the relevant information about the city’s finances and our bond sales.”