Infrastructure Projects

McCarrons Water Treatment Plant Project

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Infrastructure Projects

The improvements consist of new facilities for lime softening, recarbonation and ozonation, which will increase reliability while improving water quality, solids handling and process efficiency.

“For more than a century, the McCarrons Water Treatment Plant has served the St. Paul area well, producing safe, high-quality drinking water,” said SPRWS General Manager Patrick Shea. “With more stringent regulations and the challenge of meeting the needs of a growing community, upgrading our water infrastructure reaffirms our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of public health today and well into the future.”

SPRWS opted to proactively undertake improvements at the 100-year-old McCarrons WTP – its largest capital improvement project to date – in order to maintain its industry-leading reputation for the delivery of high-quality drinking water to 450,000 customers. The McCarrons WTP was the first treatment plant in Minnesota to receive the prestigious President’s Award from the Partnership for Safe Water.

Site preparation and demolition work is now commencing ahead of the new water treatment facilities being constructed beginning later in 2022. The improved WTP is scheduled to is scheduled for completion in 2026.


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